Sunday, 6 October 2013

Musing My Plush Palette :: Your Mom

Went over to my friend's house recently. She is of Indian heritage so whenever i go over there i get to experience aspects of a culture i am not regularly exposed to. Midst the treasures of this experience is the getting to hear her mother use a creole that is not local,  visual stories of Indian wedding traditions and beats of chutney music notes in kitchens where the word curry means something very very specific.

Sometimes what i am introduced to isn't even new...sometimes its the same thing made of the same ingredients done a totally different way. Isn't that amazing? how the same scents that carried into my room from my mothers frying pan on a Sunday morning can be done and taste so different by someone elses mother down the street, carrying with it stories from different countries and cultures from different parts of the world?

i love it.

We had bakes (maybe I'll do a how to sometime let me know if you're interested to see how we do it here) and Tea on a veranda as the Sunset.

The next time i went back we had her mother's home made salmosas!

i love appreciating culture and embracing differences. How do you get to appreciate cultural diversity where you're from?

Peace. Love. Diversity 


  1. Do the salmosas have meat in them? They look like something I love to order in my favorite Afghani restaurant in San Diego. I think they might be the same thing? Looks like a wonderful day, and I love learning about other cultures, which is why I joined the Navy. The Navy celebrates diversity at least once a month; we consider it our strength. -Jess

  2. These had chicken in them. Though she i know her to make them with dones of different kinds of fillings :)


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