Friday, 22 March 2013

Musing :: NOTD : Purple & Gold

Okay truth is i had no idea what to call this look, so lets just call it what it is: purple & Gold.

 I accidentally went shopping this week, you know, when you head into town with no intention of finding things, not even with the intention of looking for things and then boom! You find things you've been looking for for so long!

 I was very excited to try these new polishes i bought, the first of which is this one by a brand called 'L.A. Girl' Anyone know them, or are they just a knock off of L.A. Color?

 It's supposedly a magnetic polish, which just added to my excitement! It has this tiny cap at the top of the,well..cap! That you slip off and you're supposed to hold over your nail to make the pattern in the picture. Well, it hasn't worked honestly. I can't say i am utterly gutted over it though as i am positively in love with this shade of purple fancy metallic design or no...or maybe I'm just doing it wrong?

I also snatched up this gold glitter polish, i've been looking for one for AGES! This one is completely satisfactory, so much shimmer in one coat! Love it!

Peace. Love. Shine


  1. I love, love, LOVE that gold glitter polish. I'm a sucker for gold! lol

  2. I find it difficult to use the magnetic design as well... so whenever I buy a magnetic nail polish, I go for the ones with awesome shades so I can wear it on its own. You have very pretty nails, by the way... not so curved (just like mine), I am sure you will rock a lot of awesome nail art.

  3. oh why thank you! Don't think i've been told i have particularly pretty nails before :)! Oh good so i'm not alone in my inability to figure this magnetic polish bit out, guess i'll have to google it haha!

  4. I love that purple!! I've never had much luck with magnetic polish either.

    Stopping by from the linkup :)

  5. That purple is to die for and I love those golds. I'm always searching for good golds! Stopping by from the link up

  6. Both colors are gorgeous! I love the gold .. !


  7. I've never been able to get the magnetic polishes to work for me. I'll have to give them a go again.. Great color combo!

  8. I always go accidentally shopping for things! They are so clever at stores putting those bins and miscellaneous nick-nacks by the registers! I've also been loving purple polish lately, but I don't always put it on because I can only wear it for 2 days on a weekend. -Jess L

  9. wow that polish is stunning I love the purple with the gold x


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