Sunday, 31 March 2013

Musing :: Style : Covered

Happy Easter everyone! I wore this on Good Friday to a church function. Getting my dress and hat lady look on! Just a tiny step. Sorry the quality isn't the best, didn't bring anything but phone with me to the event.

For those of the Christian faith Easter time is often a rather big deal, even more so than Christmas i like to think because it means the commemoration of our Christ sacrificing his life so that we might live. This is my 'covered by the blood' look but i figured that might be too graphic a title haha! My church does not hold strictly to holidays or demand that we wear hats mind you but i love big fancy hats and dresses so why not take that step? I know pastels are the colour for Easter but i don't have any hey! Don't try to box me in man!

This year I'm excited and nervous to be doing something very different during Easter but more on that in another post. What do you do for Easter Holidays? 

Peace. Love. Remember.


  1. Happy Easter...such a lovely hat too x

  2. Quite pretty! I hope you had a lovely Easter.


  3. Thanks ladies! and I did Pear Shaped Gal! :)


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