Tuesday, 2 April 2013

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Well my intention was to have another style post after my good Friday one but I'll be honest it was a teaching day for me and i did not have any spear moment to think of anything else but being 'Miss' to a group of Sunday School kids at my church...on Monday (yes i know) Easter Monday is my church's annual women's conference and this year my branch was hosting.

Being the teacher that i am, which means basically you get this little twitch when you're around children and they could be learning but are instead left to idle and feel unimportant, here i find myself, volunteering to teach that day's Sunday School class, filled with children coming to our Sunday school from all over the island...

The beautiful welcome sign was not made by me but by a fellow church mate and teacher. I did have to bring all my own material though as well...how do i put it nicely? We are 'low on resources'  at the church *cough cough*

So what little i had i brought, trouble with bringing your own is they almost certainly get lost, it's just what happens when you work with kids, a forth demention opens up and sucks markers into itself never to be seen again :(

I felt so lucky to find this cheap packet of Easter egg shells (such niceties in this country? My lucky day!!) Though i think it was so because it was brought in by an international shop so yay them!

The students had a grand time, designing what i called 'Billboards of their heart' that displayed good qualities of a child of God they want people to see when they look at them. Later on in the day they presented them to the whole church congregation with shaky voices and nervous hands but they did it and i am so proud of very one of them!! Even better i know that they felt proud of themselves when they got a raving applause!

There was a gal who kept helping two smaller ones that could not read to memorize their sentence  with little to no urging from me. How kind was she to take on her own to do so?!

Then, the creme de la creme, a little girl, just about at my hip in height, pulled at my hem with pleading eyes at the end of our presentation and time together. When i got down close to hear her? She whispered 'Miss thank you for helping me.' and my heart grew ten times its size  of share sweetness!

Where i am from we have this saying that coincidentally i made the sub topic of my lesson that day:

That little girl...such tiny frame...such big character!

 She gives me hope....

Moments like that make me feel i could be a teacher for the rest of my life.

Peace. Love. Discover Strength in Unexpected Places


  1. I use to work with children teaching gymnastics .. a hug from a young gymnast was the best gift I ever received :-)


  2. It's amazing isn't it? How such tiny gestures can do so much for a heart? ^_^

  3. I could never be a teacher but I take my hat off to anyone that can. I just don't think I would have the patience ha ha x


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