Friday, 12 April 2013

My Birthday Wish List! 2013

Hey everyone, t minus five days to birthday! At my last birthday my sister said to me 'Congratulations you're a quarter century old. Think about what you have done with the first quarter century of your life and  what you want to do with the next' I think that's probably going to stay with my forever that statement. I feel like I'm over the hill! Though i know I am not really. I hear it happens to the extremely driven, ideally would have done and finished so much by this time. That's the way life is though isn't it; you almost never bargain for the experiences you get and sometimes they are ten times worse and sometimes they are ten time more awesome than you have room enough to imagine.

At the end of the day, here we all are. Standing up and hopefully no worse for the ware...

I think the key is to not loose hope, that's what i think. Though, i have always found that hope, is the hardest thing to die, it's one of the things that defines us as humanity, the ability to hope, to dream, the even conceptualize faith!

Anyway, this just got touchy feely real quick! Not even what the post is intended to be about! Below I've compiled my fantasy list of birthday presents. I don't know if this happens to anyone else but people always ask me, what do you want, what do you want? I know what i want but when I'm asked that question my mind goes totally blank and i usually respond with 'um...whatever!' cause i know that i love my loved ones and i will love the mere fact that they thought of me and made a purchase and, even if it takes me 10 years to fall in love with the item, it will only take me two seconds to treasure it forever.

 Most of these I've been lusting after for quite some time but the price tags are scaring my wallet, thus they're on my 'if only' fantasy birthday wishlist! I'm slightly obsessive so i have organized them by category so it's easier for you to come along and be tortured with me:

// Jewelry: TheHipChick Lola James True Love Necklace - $60 // Realized the other day that i pretty much own no necklaces so may actually get this bad boy over here --> 2. Modcloth Myth You Were Here Necklace - $15 // This one is a little more pricey but how elegant is this!! 3. Modcloth An Ornate Fate Collar Necklace - $22 

// To Wear on my Person:  Cuteness overload with these socks that look like shows!! my easily amused self needs you now! 4. Modcloth Day Slipper Socks - $12 //  I think the only kind of cute i could be is cheeky slash with a smirk cute and this  5. Modcloth She's Got Purse-onality Bag - $60 fits the bill for just that heh heh // Oh goodness this is probably the one thing i want most of all 6. Modcloth Cambridge Satchel Upwardly Mobile Satchel om Oxblood - $175 i have been drooling and lusting after it so long! Makes me feel like a writer and university student this one, and is so poshly English vintage! That's the best of my world colliding right there, heck that damn near describes me! For now however, i continue to stalk it like wild prey...fearful of its sharp price tag! // This  13. Modcloth All That and Demure Dress - $190 is the thing i want second the most, of course they're the most expensive on the list, why not kick a girl in the heart :P

// Tardis : 7. Cheers2Geeks Tardis Mug - $12 (sold but here's a pricey alternative you dare devil you) // 8. Tardis Wall Art - $40 because i am an obsessive whovian and oh how extremely happy this would make me ♥♥♥

// Organization :  Sick and tired of accessories tangling and causing broken hooks and sad faces when i need to grab em and head out the door :( This would sure solve that 9. Jewelry Holder - $9 // Nail polish keep 'mysteriously disappearing' and with my sight this set up would just be generally easier to keep track of them, plus I'm just a stickler for organization so..10. Nailpolish Holder - $25

// Art Supplies:  Paint that comes in the form of PENS?! um yes please! 11. Sharpie Paint Markers - // 12. Skin Tone Pencils - $19 Well this speaks for itself really, i love sketching and drawing but i'm not good with paint so mixing the colour palette for skin is not only boring but it does not interest me, i would rather spend my time sketching but i would like to quickly add some colour and sometimes skin tone can make the big difference so yeah these.

Sometimes i wonder why we torture our self window shopping these goodies lol Oh well! All in good fun!

Peace. Love. Celebrate.


  1. You have good taste! I'm especially loving the dress, #9, and #6. I hope you end up having a wonderful birthday and get what you truly wish for! -Jessica L

  2. Replies
    1. oh thank you very much, and you mine :)

  3. I love that dress.

    Have a lovely birthday x


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