Sunday, 21 April 2013

Musing :: Style : Birthday Babe

 Had a little evening get together of my friends on my birthday. Twas lovely.This is what i wore:

It's crazy how things are a changin' Crazy how different i am today from the girl i was at lets say 23 or 25? That wasn't very long ago but the mindset those girls had seems words away. They say that with growth comes wisdom and its one of those things you hear and abstractly believe until you experience it. There is a moment in life when we all feel like we're just faking maturity, you know what i mean? Acting like we were told we're supposed to once we grow past our teens, putting on suits and hairdos and the like that are branded as adult to help us wade through the see of confusing feelings we have carried with us all through out the years, too ashamed to say that they have not shed off with our teens because when we look around us, everyone looks so collected in their heels and ties. Everyone is having babies and getting married and some of us are still wondering why we don't feel like it yet...

I sat at the table of friends that gathered with me that day and noticed all the different faces that were not there a year ago...It didn't make me sad, like it might have a year ago, after all the faces that were missing were not dead. They were off getting bachelor degrees and working the late shift, I didn't resent them for it (heck I'm so proud of my friends!), or time itself, and that's saying a lot because i have always felt resentment for time,. always forging forward, never moving or slowing when i want it to, defiantly...

Instead i felt this resounding sense of gratefulness, for the times i have had with them, the laughs we have shared and the one we've yet to have but will. I was having one of those days were i didn't feel pretty, (which is rare for me but hey I'm human) yet i was even grateful for that, for the realization that i need to be humbled some days.

I've noticed that change of self never happens when we're lookin' all that happens is that we look back and realize that we've left the person we once were behind. I'm trying not to worry though for I know that God and the universe at large are shaping me into an amazing woman and that must be why change is necessary right? When one shapes something you try it one way, contort, bend and even do over sometimes! Only thing is when your human, even if you're bending the soul all that bending can hurt...I do believe some things will never change though, not people but the laughs you have with them, the moments when you felt safe enough to cry in front of them, the trips you planned, the style hints you traded, the future you all hoped for...

Oh and my obsession with trying milkshakes wherever i go, yeah that will probably never change either ;)

Peace. Love. Evolve.


  1. Happy Birthday lovely. I love the photos you look fab. xx

  2. You look adorable! You should do more outfits posts hon :-)


  3. great post!let’s follow each other on gfc&bloglovin?
    flw me and where u’ve followed me!
    Be sure I’ll flw back)


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