Friday, 31 October 2014

Musing : NOTD : Pumpkin Cream

It's been a long time since I really painted my nails with much consistency. Honestly it just hasn't been on my mind. My days and mind are usually filled with so much that when I look down at my hands during the beginning of another week only to sometimes realise there is only bits of polish on nails in a helter-skelter patches, I'd be lying if I said I was particularly bothered. I've really got much bigger fish to fry than peoples opinions about my chipped nails as I rush from class to class.

I love this colour!! I almost forgot I had it really, it's called 'Pumpkin Cream' and it really does remind me of delicious pumpkin soup, which is very much on my mind lately. I was going to do a fun seasonal design but then I broke my 15 year old bottle of Qurius Yellow polish and was very sad because I loved that shade and can't cant get my hands on a new one at the moment . :( I suppose it's just another lesson in the truth: that even the beloved bits of our lives can break and be lost forever. A bit of a morbid lesson I know but don't hate the playah hate the game bruh....

I've also taken to grabbing a photo before I do my final nail clean up because if I don't grab it in that moment when I'm forced to be still lest I smudge them, I feel like I'll never get it! I'm extremely easily distracted after all made only worse by the multitude of things I have to do. My brain is on fire!

Peace. Love. Pumpkin Cream Goodness yum.


  1. A lovely shade for fall indeed!


  2. it's a great shade of orange!!


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