Sunday, 19 October 2014

Round Up :: Blog Action Day 2014

Participating in Blog Action Day was rather enlightening for me this year. My topic of choice was gender inequality with a focus on street harassment because the issue stuck out and I feel, largely affected me to make my voice be heard.

So many bloggers all over the world chose to rattle their airwaves and show how inequality does not just affect gender but economics, race and identity. I felt an overwhelming need to reflect and that feeling gave rise to this round up post.

// The question was asked and given the statistics, it really had me wondering,  can we change the rules of the global economy?

// Helen has a suggestion on how, if yes, we might begin to try.

// My view on being mixed race is that it is a wonderful blessing however for those who live the concept everyday so many negative notions arise both outside and inside of the family a discussion of this is considered in this post.

// Though not an official participant of #BAD14 I thought this discussion on self harm and the discrimination those who battle this crisis face was rather timely, even more so because the post went up on Blog Action Day.

// Did you know that Nobel Peace Prize winner and champion for education for all Malala, started out just as another girl with a blog?I didn't and again it reminds me of the power of the written word to change and ripple through so many lives.

Something that continues to be underlined in my studies is the importance of reflection and I can truly say I have reaped the benefits of incorporating reflection into the many many facets of my life. So don't be surprised if reflection becomes a regular feature around here.

I hope you're having a happy relaxing Sunday evening. Me I'm still fighting my way through 91 pages of class readings. I'm on page 31 so far, wish me speed and concentrations!

What does inequality mean to you?

Peace. Love. Perspective.


  1. Wonderful post, Lizelle....loved the one about race, so very well argued and written. Can't seem to open the first link (will try later)...hope you're ploughing your way - productively - through your remaining 60 pages!

  2. Oh my, shocking video you linked to....(thanks for activating the link!)

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