Sunday, 26 October 2014

5 Things that inspired me in under 5 Minutes | Sunday Sunshine

I wanted to share a little Sunday Sunshine with you. Each of these links should take you about five minutes to feel inspired by, they sure had me thinking.

// When I feel I need to be inspired, I watch this and it really gets my spirit fired up as I contemplate the question 'Let's suppose that you had the ability every night to dream a wonderful dream....what would you do, what would you...really do?'

// This is how i feel about a lot of things and i think it's one of the biggest rewards allowed to you while being a teacher, though i know many think it foolish but what to do? You are who you are...

// The ugly social norms that show despite what Michel Jackson said it still in fact DOES matter if your black or white...

// Call me crazy but I want to make short short films like this 

//  Sometimes I worry for the man that will marry me because I am really bad at this language. Oh well, I trust God that he'll understand the other languages I am good at!

In a world so full of the negative these days, aren't you glad there are those out there that have harnessed the power of the internet for good? I sure am... I hope that you are having a good day full of rest and rejuvenation!

Happy Sunday!


  1. Oh wow. The last one should have come with a 'you'll cry so much you think you won't stop' warning....loved the first one (so very beautiful). Loved the second one, amazing - [that's kind of like what my day would look like if someone followed me around with a camera!]....the fourth one - just lovely - (you know, anyone who's ever dared to do something different, to dream, has, at some point, been called crazy)...the last one? Wow. Too beautiful (and, THANK YOU for posting it - that's some dreamy eye candy man (!) and speaking FRENCH??!!) these - please please please continue posting posts like these!!! xxx

  2. HAHAHAHA Right?! AND wearing a SUIT?!?!!! Giiiiiiiiiiiirl......


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