Sunday, 12 October 2014

6 Beginner Tips for Establishing a Regular Blogging Schedule


Draft your random ideas.

I always have random ideas I think I could never make sense of but sometimes I write them down anyway and when I come back to them I find that they connect to another idea I had or they made more sense that I originally thought or it means more or less to me than it did then and I want to share why. Never take for granted to impact your words can have.

Decide on your own schedule

Don't try and mimic the schedule of others. One of the most awesome things about blogging is that there is no set schedule. You do what you want. Some days my schedule changes. Even if it's in your head and you are the only one that knows about it, you don't have to state it, just choose one and work towards it; see drafting above.

Write about what inspires you

Posts are written best when they're laced with passion and passion shines through words distinctly. It seems simple right? Except now it means you must ask yourself what inspires me? Which can be terribly hard to think of when you want to actually want to. Then, you simply have to not be ashamed of it and find a way to write about it so others can see how awesome it is. Take my recent post about being a person that reads for example. It's written in my own style, it's short but that's okay, passion sometimes manifests in small bursts.

Challenge yourself

Take on a topic you are not completely comfortable with and see how you can spin it to reflect your own interests and concerns. This month I've taken on a five minute blog post challenge that is proving all the more difficult as school gets crazy for me again (could you tell that my last recent posts were more school centred?) I don't think I'm going to give up because I do enjoy it but I'm going to make sure I do it in a way that does not cause me more stress than pleasure.

Be a reader

Whether you're reading blogs, books, the newspaper or internet articles reading keeps your brain active, keeps it racing down those electric highways in your head. That race inspires individual thought and those thoughts are blog posts waiting to happen!

Find Out What Are Your Regulars

It's really wonderful to have a particular kind of post that you can always come back to. Think of it has those place you love visiting in real life, that coffee shop with the best cupcakes sort of thing. It helps to have it be a post type that you see as an indulgence because if it's only a way for you to deal with bloggers guilt then it's not going to be fun. I find link ups to be incredible helpful in this area. For instance I love doing floral Fridays because it keeps my eyes open for beauty everywhere I go all through out the month, last month I went full fledged into blogtemper and loved it, it was then that I first tried a currently post and a coffee date post which I am now considering making at least a once a month occurrence but we'll have to see. I also used to do a fun notd Friday link up too but that doesn't seem to be on any more. The point is, these are all areas of interest for me that I love and look forward to. So it's not work and it's not a fall back, it's fun and it's a routine my readers can come to count on.


Though I've been doing this a little while expert I am not; I don't have thousands of followers (love you guys like I do though!) nor do I pretend that I couldn't just end up with some super bout of bloggers block soon and look like a fool who has to take a dose of her own advice. I can however still  share my experiences and thoughts with you. This is what has over the past couple of months, been working for me. Right now something else that is working for me is that I'm trying to have a blog post scheduled at all times. I'm used to drafting but sometimes I over think things and this can cause drafts to remain drafts for far too long.

How do you keep a regular blogging schedule?

Peace. Love. Stick to It.


  1. Great, great, post. Am going to pin. So many clever tips and so well written. Love the idea, "you simply have to not be ashamed of it and find a way to write about it so others can see how awesome it is"...I think thats key, you know...just put it out there. You only have one voice, your own. I've grown so, so, much in confidence with my fiction writing over the last few weeks, just because I've been stretching myself, writing without being ashamed (as you say). It's done me wonders. [Have to say, also, that I LOVE that doily tablecloth!!! It's soooooo nice!!!]....

  2. Thanks! It has seriously proved quiet handy that table cloth! haha :D

  3. Love these tips, I've recently started noting down my ideas and I've found it's really helped me to motivate myself to blog more! Next I need to get myself a better schedule xx

    1. Agreed, i think that's how it goes, making the leap from jotting the scheduling. I'm going to make the next leap of getting an actual blog calender next and see how that works out :)


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