Thursday, 2 October 2014

Musing :: Style : Bats in the Attic

See it's funny because I was actually in an attic and there were actually bats giddit giddit? No? Ok fine. I am not at all afraid of bats though so I had a silly grin on my face most of the time, i guess that's why my face is blurry? Just one of the few things that stereotypes say girls are supposed to be afraid of that I am not, another is lizards and don't even get me started on frogs; gosh I love those slimy cold little hoppy things!

These blue pants slay me, they make me laugh cause I just think they're so ridiculous for being so bright, why so attention seeking denim? This black top is so comfy in it's cotton blend and back wing sleeves and ever so slight cawl neck that makes for both modesty and style. I was going for artsy but I don't think I quite achieved it. Still, it was a nice change to my usual look. Sorry for the bad quality, this is off my uncooperative phone as I'm still in difficulty for images :( I don't feel like letting that kill my vibe though so onward!

I dig it.

How do you break the stereotypes said about you?

Peace. Love. Keep it Moving.

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