Friday, 10 October 2014

Musing :: NOTD : White Out

I can't believe it's been this long since I've posted an notd. If I'm honest I became so determined to make sure my toes were done all through summer for a change I kind of neglected my hands in exchange. I didn't mind it much though. Sometimes it's nice to break routine I suppose.

This month I did this, guided by another cutepolish tutorial.I know I know they're not perfectly symmetrical but life aint perfect and that makes my visually impaired self appreciate them all the more. The jagged look is growing on me, though I accept it's not everybody's cup a tea. Also sorry for the weird nail polish photo claw haha. Haven't done that in a while!

This was my second attempted gradient nails look with a make up sponge and hope. It's not the best but I still really enjoyed having them.

That makes two months in a row I've had my nails in white polish and I must say I'm really coming to like it more and more! It feels so clean, crisp and professional. I'd always heard that white nails lent themselves to a professional concept but I was never convinced until now.

Maybe one more white nail design and then you know it's time for CHRISTMAS nails! Aw yeh, that's whassup. :)

Peace. Love. Try it.

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  1. Love white nails too....can't wait to see your Christmas nail designs!!!!


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