Thursday, 9 October 2014

Musing :: Mind : The Book Lover that does not Read

(A handful of the books I've had to read as course work for my degree)

Do you remember back when you were so hungry that you were willing to read by street light, candle light, lamp light, flash light after your mother went to bed after having told you to put that damn book away already light? The reminiscent of daily light even, vaguely noticing the reflections of a sunset on your page as you leaned towards your open window but it didn't didn't matter if you were moving or walking or reading by dim bus light you just had to read you just HAD to read were hungry for life and LIFE was the written word....and you were hungry for LIFE.

In a time when we have successfully invented so many gadgets to give us more free time than ever before...Did you forget what that felt like?

Peace. Love. Put your money where your mouth is


  1. What a wonderful description! So evocative! [No, I haven't forgotten what this feels like! I was reading, just last night, by candlelight, as our power was off!]

  2. Your resilience continues to be inspiring lady!

  3. You described it perfectly! I do remember those moments! My parents would tell me to put the book down but I think they secretly were relieved that I ended up loving books! :)


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