Friday, 3 October 2014

Floral Friday :: Garden Flowers

I think I must really have a soft spot for the hibiscus flower...

Upon visiting a school recently for work I happened across these beauties glistening in the sun light. Aren't they impressive! That school in particular had multiple beautiful flowers in their front yard. I thought what a wonderful addition to the work environment. It is a pleasure to be inspired by beauty alongside the inspiration of learning. What a beautiful twosome the two make. It had me thinking: what else goes best with beauty?

What do you think goes best with beauty?

Peace. Love, Learning
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  1. Love hibiscus flowers .. they grow quite well in San Diego.


  2. I do love the hibiscus flowers. They remind me of my Singapore home

  3. Love the pretty hibiscus flowers and such a gorgeous colour.
    They always remind me of summer and when I have visited Fiji and Hawaii.
    Happy weekend

  4. These flowers always make me so happy! What goes best with beauty? Grace. Humility. Jazz.

  5. Hello Lizelle
    I love hibiscus flowers - they make such a wonderful show during the hot months of Summer.
    That orange/pink flower is stunning.
    It's lovely to meet you at Trishie's Floral Friday.
    I'm following you now and look forward to reading your posts.
    Have a fun weekend.

  6. Lovely flowers. Another beautiful post lady xx

  7. they have a certain charm about them! :)


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