Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Keep Going Though the Road of the Run is not Always Smooth...

(bottled water names in the Caribbean.)

I've been going in this direction a while. Tirelessly toiling on, fingers to the grind and yes to the sun. Chasing the light and gritting my teeth. Reminding myself that sitting still is dangerous. Getting tired is dangerous because gravity is ever so persuasive. You bring yourself down to that level at it coaxes you to stay a while, have a seat, share some tea and enjoy the shade.

Far away from the harsh sweat inducing glare of the sunlight.

Even when I can't see my success straight ahead I presume it is around the staying, sitting square in the shade for long periods of time though it may provide some physical rest it never give my mind rest.

I feel like that rabbit in Adventures of Alice in wonderland; always late for an appointment around the corner and down the rabbit hole. Except I am late for a meeting I want to be at, sooner than later.

It is that feeling i suppose, that mental unrest, that reminds me to be resilient. That reminds me that in the pursuit of passion I would rather fail than give up. A heavy truth indeed. So I make keep going my mantra as the sweat stings my eyes. The more I say it, the hope that it will take root in my heart and grow fruit expands and fills my veins with adrenaline. So I take one step then another, until I am out of the comfort of the shade...and back on the road again. Until I keep going, though the road of the is not always smooth.

How do you keep walking toward your goals?

Peace. Love. Fall Down Seven Times, Stand Up Eight.


  1. Lovely post. I was just emailing a friend and just wrote "...five steps back, four backwards, is still progress....fall down seven times, stand up eight"...too spooky to read it here too!!!

  2. I think trying different angles works when pursuing a goal .. if one attempt doesn't work, try a different approach .. but definitely keep trying even if these attempts are failures .. you never know when the next thing works (success!).



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