Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Blogtember Round Up and Reflection

I had such a great time taking part in blogtember and met so many fun and interesting new bloggers along the way that I really wanted to take the time to dwell on some of the posts that came out of the hands and hearts of these bloggers and outta lil ol' me!

From myself I was reminded of who I am which may very well soon be my about page replacement as I love it so much but then nobody will understand why my blog has a different title than it's address the poor awkward thing... I discussed my passion for my job as well as why I even started this blog debacle! I gave my soul a little written love down and took a peek at what science had to say about my personality; nice things it turns out. I shared my views on the importance of protecting love and had a spiritual paw waw in a coffee date with you. I also failed at my first attempt at a blog swap guest post activity and as for my first attempt at a vlog well I leave you to decide.

From other bloggers I learned: Visual Advice for new bloggers because some times words are worth a thousand words. I was reminded of the importance of Retaining who you really are in the face of change. and that Sundays Are the Best Days well I feel like they should be and lastly, a montra that just wont get out of my head is the mindfulness to Savour Your Season with Hands Wide Open which I guess is okay as it is really good advice!

Blogging really is therapeutic, who needs a retreat when you can just writ it all down! (I do I totally do please please vacation come to me) So long blog-temper you inspiring demanding inspirational commitment you! So long and thanks for the growth. (Don't you wish all relationships could end that nice and clean with just that statement haha random thought is random.) A giant welcome to you if you are a new follow. I hope to keep providing you with a reason to read my blog and I honestly can't wait to get to know you ♥

What did you enjoy about my month long blogging spree, any post in particular?

Peace. Love. Reflect.


  1. I loved ALL of your posts! Love this summary/reflective post too xxx [Am wondering, do you often walk down to the sea to ponder, lulled by the sound of the waves? How nice....!]

  2. Thank you Helen! ♥ Going to the beach to do that is one of my greatest delights! However uni work usually has me so very busy I can't make it down to the sea side :(


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