Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Lately :: Rainy Season

Here we have two seasons dry seasons (spring and summer) and rainy season (fall and winter)

I enjoy the rain. especially when it pours and it makes it cool. When goats feel they must stand on old tires because they feel like they will drawn in the dirt...sink and disappear into the very thing that just yesterday, perhaps even just moments ago, sustained them.

I strangely savour those moments when the sky is so dark you can not tell if it is six am or six pm and there is thunder and there is lightening and the streets of the city are littered in umbrellas of every colour like a big bright banana yellow circle that looks to be dancing its way through the spectrum of grey.

Oh what a sight it is when nature forces the movement of man to slow and remember that she is only letting us think that we are in charge...Days like this make me wonder if He placed his love in obvious places in hopes that we would see it.... So on days like these I feel very loved, I enjoy the rain. I enjoy the little spontaneous down pours miraculous living sustaining rain.

What sudden titbits of beauty do you enjoy?

Peace. Love. Droplets of Beauty.


  1. Oh my, what a delicious post. What delicious writing. Loved the image of the goat. Loved it all.

  2. Love this! I love a good rainbow, they have been in abundance lately ☺

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