Monday, 31 August 2015

Mini Adventure :: of Seaweed and Sea Eggs

Oh man what a time, this post is photo heavy just so you know. I really wanted to go on an was even on my summer to do list! Well...I some how found myself scaling he side of bit of a cliff the other day with a couple friends...
When you're making your way through razor grass higher than you are but you have guy friends who are like 'Man up!' lol Don't worry he helped later.

 Hair a mess but don't care.  In dah BUSH! The following pictures depict our descent...

Thread through razor grass taller than I am. Eased down the side of a cliff, stared at species of sea urchins (sea eggs) in their natural habitat up close. Learned so much about them simply by observation. Aren't they so beautiful?!  I think so. Well...not so much the black ones as the other haha. The black ones look so menacing with their longer spikes!! They look like sea cacti or natures balled pin cushion. When I was a child I had a toy one made of that stretchy rubber stuff...these reminded me of them except these are little lives chillin' by the sea side.

It was amazing, that stormy day, the city was practically empty due to rain but the ocean, oh the ocean was perfect. Slightly chilled, filled with sea weed that scared the life out of my voice in the dark healthy water but ah....I'd do it again!

Those are wild flowers you see just growing on old broken steps somewhere about on the rout to our destination. Can't life be just grand sometimes?

Peace. Love. No Regrets.
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  1. So lush and green! We are so dry here in Southern California .. I hope we get some good rain this winter :-)


    1. This was one the one day in a while we had gotten HEAPS of rain, it's been swelteringly hot lately otherwise...

  2. Oh, I felt I was there with you, between your words and the photos (the dew! the dew on the razor grass! I could almost feel it leaving it's trail on my arms (soul)). Love. You. Love. Your. Blog. [I *will*, I will slide down that cliff with you one day and we will observe sea eggs together. Promise].


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