Tuesday, 1 September 2015

The Wordy Phoenix : My spoken word poetry persona

 Picture by Josiah Bayne

The Wordy Phoenix is a Caribbean born and bred writer in her 20s who currently resides on the spice island of Grenada. A writer of poetry as well as prose fiction who is currently pursuing her degree in the field of English, Literature and Education. Her interests extend to numerous creative endeavours including photography, spoken word poetry, blogging. public speaking, acting and advocacy in the areas of Environmental Awareness, Albinism Awareness, and the field of educational accessibility for the Blind and Visual Impaired.

A past President of the Writers Association of Grenada (2009-2011) as well as current Vice President (2011-Present)  she believes that art is everywhere and surrounds herself with it by way of creative, positive and motivating people who also love to express themselves through fashion, photography, drama, music and various art forms.

Believing that lines and labels are a social ill she enjoys crossing them so that she often sports a punk prep-chic style.

Some of her hobbies include: laughing, playing with puppies, enjoying Asian culture with a concentration on South Korean and Japanese and proving the subjectivity of normal with every breath.

She is currently working on the publication of a self authored anthology of poetry and of her first novel.



I figured it was time to introduce you to my poetry persona after mentioning it before hand. :)

Peace. Love & Laughter <3
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  1. Wow, you are probably the coolest person I've ever heard of! I was also an English major in college, but just literature. I loved it! Can't wait to read more Blogtember posts from you.

  2. Oh, this is my Absolute Favourite Post of Yours Ever....LOVE it....(there must must must be a video coming soon???)........love it. Adore you. Helen xxx


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