Thursday, 3 September 2015


Congratulations to the winners! I did promise I would make a video for the announcement but alas my technology wont have it...I did make an attempt so do accept this swift time lapse as my mike doesn't work any more. At your own risk though because I swear it's like look at me from beneath the ocean....

 If the embedded video doesn't show up click here.

First place winner Tawni S. I will be contacting you soon to receive these goodies.

Second place winner Nancy D. I will be contacting you soon to receive these wonderful goodies!

I will be contacting you both soon for your addresses. Do don't be scared if you find this package is taking a while in the mail, it's coming from far away...Thank you all for following me and commenting as you always do, it is encouraging and heartening and I am so grateful!

I wish I could give you better pictures but ah...too many struggles at the moment. See you soon my dears.

edit: I also wanted to say a very special thank you to fellow artists and friends Shellon Eleazser for the unframed print you see above, (you may not recognise the place but I'm sure the magic of it isn't lost on you) and Janetta Thornhill for the double sides book mark which is the surprise item for the second winner (check the video for a glance at it, oh it's so fun!) You can't see it well here because of my horrid photos but it's one of my favourite pieces and dreadfully difficult not to steal for myself ;)

Peace. Love. Thank you!!


  1. NO WAY!
    I mean, I'm just assuming that I'm the Tawni S. that won, because my name is on a unique side. So if it's not me, CONGRATULATIONS, OTHER TAWNI S., AND LET'S BE BEST FRIENDS. But if I'm right and it is me, then MY HEART IS SOOO HAPPY!
    No, really, I almost didn't check this from my Bloglovin' feed because I was sure I didn't win and I had a lot of other blogs to catch up on, so when I read the top, my heart almost exploded in my chest.

    1. Check your email :) I've sent you an email via the email you provided if it is you (i'm sure it is) Congratulations!!


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