Tuesday, 8 September 2015

15 Things that make for the Perfect Cozy Fall Day

On an ideal day in Fall/Autumn/The Rainy Season I would wake up to a picture of dark grey clouds heavy in a gloomy moody sky. They would give birth to rain, a little thunder and maybe even a little lightening. It would be cold, so cold, cold like a one sided love; painful but making you desperate for a tight embrace. I would sink deeper into the arms of my own warm lining and smile my way back to a late morning sleep.

I would wake up before it was light and hop silently on checkerboard tile down the white hallway into the bathroom for refreshing. Pyjamas would rule the day just as they had the night, long pyjamas, the kind we don't get to wear often enough because it's just too hot most days.

Home and warm again I would spend time in devotional worship, write some, edit some, dance some snuggling with a pup some.

I would spend the mid day eating calaloo soup only grandmother has been able to master or pumpkin soup only mother has been able to master. I would brave the muddy puddles and the crystal clear with equal care and a rain water filled holes and make my way to the roadside to catch a bus to the ocean.

Umbrellas of all shapes, sizes and colours would litter the streets and light frost would cover vehicle windows, tempting me to regress into drawing hearts or words on them and peeking through those spaces to see the clearer picture on the other side. I would give in that day and watch the flash of greenery amidst a the various shades of grey backdrop slide past me on my trip.

The ocean would be that perfect chill for getting in and staying in longer than on most days, its greens and blues would pop against the contrast of the sky.

There would be so much laughing.

Upon returning home there would be wine and laughter and roasted corn with my mother, aunt and grandmother in the cool of the setting sun. I would remain in slack jeans because there is something about wearing them at home that is so comfortable! Maybe add a dash of my favourite long socks to complete the satisfaction of a wardrobe appropriate to the feel of the day; covered, warm, close...

To end it off I would brew cocoa tea so hot that even I can see the steam rising from it and spend the rest of the day, from dusk till late into the night on the front porch sipping tea and reading fine literature in the blanket of quiet only such a time can share.

I would fall asleep to loud rain again that night.

Things to love about Fall

Rainy days
Cloudy skies
warm sheets
Clare puddles
Deserted streets
Bright umbrellas
Warm soup
Cool ocean baths
Knee high socks
Hot cocoa tea 
Fine literature

I could have wrote about 'the perfect day' but if I'm honest that would be full of a lot more travelling and in the words of Scarlett O'hara 'I wont think of that now, I'll think of it later. There are too many other things to think about...'

What does the perfect Fall day look like on your side of the world?

Peace. Lover. Things to love.
This post was written in connection with the second day of the blogtember 2015 link up


  1. Yes yes yes to rainy days and cloudy skies! I'm with ya!

  2. Absolutely love how you wrote this. Oh how I long for Autumn days....(when is the rainy season where you are? It's supposed to start here soon but there's no sign of it at all; everything is so, so dry...)

    1. There have been many tropical depressions so we have been 'blessed' with the side effects of that with lots of lightening and thunder and rain rain rain for a few days well lately.other than that yea we're in the same boat...bah dryness!


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