Monday, 17 August 2015

What Does Inspiration Look Like?

I think there must be a very special little daemon dedicated to whispering into the ear of us writers (and maybe his reach extends to other creatives too?) that our inspiration is some kind of well or spring to be tapped into until it dries up...I think the truth is that inspiration looks a lot more like an ocean.

Those other images are far too small a comparison.

For inspiration continues to ride with us through life. It does not simply go away. You do not simply dip into it one day and it has stopped existing. I think that inspiration continues to be replenished as life goes on because life, because our experiences inform inspiration. They are her secret recipe ingredients.

Like the location of a hidden away beach the unpaved road to inspiration can become over grown with weeds and obstructions in need of clearing away but once we push through, even if it's through a wall of that razor grass, once we come upon her again the bottoms of our feet lay flat upon her familiarity. Our eyes fix with hers. The rhythm of her heartbeat, whether tumultuous or calm syncopate to the space in our heart or the speed of our fingers.

Sure, sometimes we have to chase her but like we chase wind in our wanderlust, it is a chase that stirs the dance up from our hearts, from the centre. Propelling us to reach out, grab a firm hold and enjoy.

Piece. Love. Dive In.
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  1. Beautiful writing, Lady.....I feel my inspiration's a bit like a windscreen in the fog....I can't get to where I want to without first needing to clear the screen, wipe the mists away....LOVED this post of yours!

  2. Thank you ladt! What a beautiful and practical analysis of your own inspiration, I love it!


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