Sunday, 9 August 2015

My Colour Quest :: Summer of Colour 2015

Not bad not bad.

Most of my summer was spent doing school work. It's painfully sad but what ya gonna do? Even as I worked though I kept my eyes hoping for a glimpse of the brightness of this world.

I saw my favourite home skirt with the palm trees against a bright wall I'd walked by most of my life // Coconut trees against a purple sky, in the foreground of a blue moon // the lush green rain watered grass behind my friend's meticulously done nails near her bright mauve pink dress // watermelon against cotton candy pink soft flowers hanging in the midst of a workplace. // that blue wall // the mimicked image of sunflowers with an orange mani // well fenced greenery and a snow cone in my country's national colours // watermelon while I had a cold // rainbows hiding in plain sight.

Have a happy Sunday my friends. I pray you find beauty, even in the moments when you feel in the midst of the breaking down of business.

Peace. Love. Calm down, look aground you.

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