Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Mini Adventure :: In the Cool of the Day

 (get it because it's a green banana tree?!) 

On Sunday morning before the sun came up my mother and I went for a walk. She's taken up walking again and in mother like way accomplishes it most days along with ten thousand other tasks before most of us have stirred in our beds.

She happened to invite me along one such walk out of the blue and personally I happen to believe the sleep one achieves in those wee hours of the morning just before dawn is the best sleep. The world is coated still in a thin layer of night that makes me smile in my sleep sometimes and appreciate my bed and my window, my sheets and my covers. Most importantly, my safety.

However after getting a mouth full in good gesture from one of my good friends that went a little something like 'Oh please you're still on holiday it's ONE MORNING you can sleep in THE REST OF THE WEEK. GOOOOO spend time with your mother!' I promptly shut up and did just that.

What a thrill in simplicity we can achieve we human beings. We set out while the street lights were still on but I knew that in the blink of an eye they wouldn't be soon. She showed me so many things, frivolous things I hope to always remember. 'Do you know where x lives?' she says 'Have you ever seen a y up close?' she says. 'Look at that, you can see the tail end of the city from here!' she says.

Usually nobody wants to hear their mother nag on, saying the same thing over and over but when she talks like this I think I can stand it ten thousand times.

It was only about an hour long our walk.

By the time we were returning we past the older Anglican ladies on their way to open the church for service. An old stone building, who knows how long it has stood in it's place? Usually I toss in sleep from my bed as I hear them ring the bell to let everyone know church is about to start and I silently praise their willingness to sacrifice this wonderful sleep time for Jesus. Today I pasted their door as they rung it. Oh how sweet to say good morning to ladies who still wear Sunday hats to service. Oh what an uncommon thing!

As we reached just about the top of the first hill I looked across and watched the light of day roll over the darkness and shed it's light upon the earth. It was spreading and coming towards me. I thought of that moment in the book of Genesis that speaks of God coming down to spend time with humanity in the cool of the day. As the clean air of morning hit my lungs, chilled like the sharp but welcomed shock of iced water on a summer day, I stood their a moment in time and marvelled at our world and the way she keeps bestowing beauty upon us. Reminded yet again that all we ever need do is look.

 What unsuspecting beauty has made you marvel lately?

 Peace. Love. Marvel.
You know for some reason my technology always seems to give out around this time. My phone wont let me get my photos off it these days. Sigh, lets see what this does for my little blogging schedule. bare with me?


  1. Oh, this is so beautifully written. Made me long for 'simple' walks with my Mum. [Love how you described the cold air; there's something so unique about that cold morning air in the tropics]. Thank you so much for posting this; it's made me so happy today!

    1. Aw, I'm so glad <3 Tis a privilege to be able to share such a moment. Yes, that chilled early morning air is delicious, a sweet treat I think. :)


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