Friday, 7 August 2015

Musing :: Style : MAC Shy Girl

If you know me well you know that I really only wear very bright lipsticks. It's one of the reasons I love MAC lipsticks; their pigments are bright and consistent. This lipstick that is the subject of my post today, though it is the lightest shade i still have come to love. Today I wanted to talk about as nude in lipstick as I think I will ever go and that's with the creamsheen shade that MAC Shy Girl.

When I first bought it and tried it on I will admit I almost regret my decision; That's because I had no idea it was going to be so pale looking against my complexion, usually because of my albinisms all pigments shine bright but this time that was not the case.

Shy Girl is definitely appropriately named, it is really creamy and has an ever so slight shine to it. I often wear it on the days I feel lazy and don't want to do much by way of lipstick but have enough energy to put in a little effort. Most call it the 'natural' look I suppose.

It isn't a nude but has a slight orange tone to it, keeping it fun and peppy without effort.  I think it's the perfect blend of peachy plus beige with an ever slight touch of shimmer. If Shy Girl could be a television character I feel like it would be that typecast girl next door.

I will admit, creamy as it is I usually have to swash it on my lips a good four times both ways for me to have a fairly noticeable tint. If I'm only going for barely there twice will do just fine and create an opaque, barely there colour. The longevity is good too, I don't usually have need to reply unless I want a brighter go of things or my day extends past 8-3. Which I think is fair because then I would be going from dayware to eveningware anyway.

Before Mac Shy Girl I was considering getting Crème Cup but now this notion is no more. I've warmed up to Shy Girl well, it is relaxed, calm and comfortable.

What's your go to nude lipstick shade?

Peace. Love. Creamy days.
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