Friday, 28 August 2015

Book Review :: 31 Prayers for the dreamer + the doer Book Review

This review is a little different. Reading 31 Prayers for the dreamer + the doer was quite the experience. The various authors use imagery, metaphor and personification all in the form of prayer to create a book that oozed with the tone of reference and intimacy.

After getting through the Women In The Word plan from #SheReadsTruth, feeling like I was submerged in the The Word everyday, on a long desert road running into biblical woman after woman who would stop and chat with me as we go over the events of their lives, their personal encounters with Christ and how it changed their life and mine I felt a unique fullness I doubt that I can explain.

This was different.

This was a devotional written in the added form of prayers. My religion warns against repetition of the same prayer over and over so I was a little sceptical but I soon realised that is not what it would be for me anyway and those fears subsided.

This was so much more intense that I anticipated it would be. There I was, reading prayer after prayer from woman after woman, feasting my eyes on their intimate conversation with their creator over the desires and pains of their heart.

Watching, marvelled as they spoke words I have thought in private.  Feeling an extraordinary kinship with these women I will never meet, who are spread far and wide across this earth who have  and are fighting the same if not a very similar fight as I am. Fights with self and with Him.

It was kind of amazing.

I knew that in the preface they said every chapter may not reach you as it did the woman who wrote it, it may not mean as much to you as it did not them and I am so glad they said that and so glad i read the preface cause that's something I usually hate doing haha.

For indeed, every single chapter did not mean as much to me as it seemed to to the woman that wrote it but you know what? I still treasure the experience, their experience that they were brave enough to share with me because I get it.

I get what it's like to be a creative, to think and feel like a creative and I get what it means to share that with someone. I also get that though theirs may be a battle I have already won or a battle I have yet to encounter it is a battle and there is much to be learned from war, like defence.

Some of the chapters that meant a lot to me were: prayer, the word, wellness, authenticity, dreams, comparison and goals just to name a few.

Definitely an regrettable buy and pretty to boot! Are you using any devotionals lately? Tell me about it in the comments I'd love to hear about it.

Peace. Love. Pray.

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