Sunday, 15 February 2015

Sunday Sunshine :: Discount Love

You guys! ferrero comes in a heart shaped box??! Wuuuuuuuuuut!

Love is a beautiful thing. That is why I love valentines day (well that and food gets crazy cute all over the place and you know, chocolate). I think that whether you have that special romantic kind of love or not love is a beautiful thing.

Sometimes we forget that because it hurts us to love, it hurts us deep and often but love it self, the actual emotion, the ripples that come as a result of it, the fact that you have someone whom you love and if you're really really blessed, persons who love you back? That entire exchange between human beings, someone who will miss you or think of you now and again or notice when you are not there is beautiful

Sometimes we discount love. We mark down it's worth as though it is made of less value because it hurts. It is the weaknesses of humanity that causes an imperfect love, because love in and of itself is perfect, it exists in this little perfect place of giving and we are imperfect people grappling with how to hold it safe...and we mess it up....but its not the thing so much as our reactions to it that gets us riled I think...

These thoughts got me remembering the times love has touched me enough to write about it. Like when I documented:

10 simple and possibly even vain reasons why I love myself.
Why I love my amazing mother.
One reason why I love friendship.
Thoughts on why I love Teaching.
One reason SELF love is even more important in modern day.
Why valentine's day doesn't actually suck.

Here's some love I ran across lately via the internet:

This Girl Can has been touching me in so many many many many ways ever since i saw it i can't even tell you!
 Put Your heart to paper reminds me that those four letters we as  humanity have stitched together in hopes of explaining that amazing feeling we feel for each other is in no way enough.
This silly little video reminds me that you have to smile and acknowledge the sweetness of being alive.

Don't discount this amazing feeling that has brought us babies and best friends, soul mates and worship. Love isn't wicked or evil or sad, it is the action of discounting it that is.

Peace. Love. Fulfilment.

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