Friday, 6 February 2015

Musing :: NOTD :Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast at Tiffianys

You may have noticed that posts have slowed, now that I am doing one of the most important classes of my school career. I've done alright posting in January though haven't I? Even though I had to reduce my posting schedule to two days a week I am still proud of myself for planning and scheduling my posts the way I have. Yay for keeping New Year resolutions and staying organised! Also, shout out to my A Beautiful Mess planner for continuing to give me good advice! Love this thing and it's beautiful pages and beautiful quotes that help to keep me accountable to my goals and endeavours!

Meanwhile i continue to prepare myself for visits where I will be graded on my teaching performance so people can decide my future haha. Can you say nerve wrecking?!

Anyhow, I've been searching for a mint shade of polish for what five years now? I finally bumped into this one randomly, i don't see a name on it except L. A. Colours so i suspect it is a knock off. None the less it is so very pretty! It looks kind of baby blue here but in person not as much.

I hope you are doing well. Here's to passing my practicum and being one step closer to being a degree holder!

Peace. Love. Be a Champion.

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  1. Love the nail polish! Here's to everything going well with studying/school xxx


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