Sunday, 1 February 2015

My Favourite Quote for almost two Decades

I mentioned this in my vlog but today i really wanted to write it down, i've wanted to write it down for a while honestly. This is my favourite quote:

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 "As long as we have hope, we have direction,
the energy to move and the map to move by.
We have a hundred alternatives, a thousand paths and and infinity of dreams."
~Author Unknown (I've heard it is an old Chinese proverb.)

It speaks to me. It tells a tale of the many paths open to us on the road of life, how we will never move lest we take steps, we must put one foot in front of the other.

'Faith without works is dead' right?

This quote reminds me that there are options out there, that they will remain options whether i move or stand still at junctions in the road. It reminds me that each path leads to more forks in the road and more forks and more forks and it all goes on and on, with or without us all....

It has been said that a goal is just a dream with a plan after all. So why not start dreaming? Why not make plans and start moving towards them.? I don't think dreams mind the size of the steps as much as we convince ourselves. Here we say 'one one cocoa does full basket' ; eventually, as long as you've started, no matter how little you start with, you are bound to finish someday.

Do you have a favourite quote? Share with me in the comments, i so want to know!

Peace. Love. Dream
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  1. Oh, what a wonderful, inspiring, quote...have written it in my journal. So wonderful......[Loved your post!]

  2. Hope, yes! Love this quote! thanks for sharing!


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