Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Musing :: Style :: Edgey Valantines Day Fashion Wishlist ♥

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The stores have already put out their V Day Style Looks. This year my ideal valentines day outfit is number two in the diagram above, you know if I wasn't sporting that student wallet again haha. My style is rarely dainty and sweet and I often feel like the only one. I like my style with a mixture of preppy, punk, edge, hipster and hippy. I like styles that are multifaceted.  I'd add the boats of number one with that red dress of number three, plus the jacket of course, to achieve it. Perhaps a black panama hat with that dress in number one as well now that I think about it...

These days the media tells a girl that for valentines day she should want a set of flowers and a fancy dinner. What do they leave for the girls who don't want that set up? I feel like every girl should experience that stereotypical expression of love every once or twice, kind of to say that you have, good for the self esteem and all that.

 I don't really like getting flowers, I like potted plants, I don't like going out to dinner because everybody is doing it and it's what you're supposed to do on that day, I don't like fallowing the crowd, it doesn't make me feel special, it makes me feel like everybody else.  Maybe why I never actually wear red on valentines day, always a variation of it: burgundy, maroon, violet mostly pink. I will admit though that on said day the little restaurants in my country really know how to dress a place up and make you want to go!

Chocolate NEVER gets old though, just saying. Chocolate and cute gifts that come in red or pink and themed and such. Thought, expression, difference, touches my heart.

I suppose that's why my ideal valentines day style isn't a pretty dress that makes me feel flirty and feminine.  It's just clothes that make me feel me, truly. That's when I feel most beautiful., when I feel like I am being myself and working it to my own strengths.

Peace. Love. Chocolate.


  1. We're on the same page! And my outfit pick is #4. I'm not a red person .. I don't think red looks all that great on me so I choose pink or maroon. Plus, I think you can make a great dinner at home, invite a few friends over and celebrate love and friendship on Valentine's Day <3

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  2. oh yes! We're definitely on the same page! That way everyone can still get dressed up, there can be wine, chocolate and a room full of laughter; my favourite :D


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