Thursday, 19 February 2015

11 Reasons Christina Yang is my Patronus

 When I started watching Grey's Anatomy I became hooked for one reason and one reason only. Christina Yang ladies and gentlemen. I have never found kinship in a fictional character as much as I do with her since Luna Lovegood! I was feeling a bit confused recently and decided to delve into the lessons Christina taught me as I found us to be very similar. Christina Yang reminds me to be a pronominal woman. I thought I'd share, here area few lessons and similarities via Christina Yang.

1.  She's sapiosexual. Brains over beauty all day every day baby. Or both, both is good too cause lets face it, she is hawt stuff!

2. She is driven towards greatness beyond measure in the area of her passion.

3.  I mean she is raw, not containable, burning passion. Her soul is a wild fire for her purpose and she will not be stopped by the fact that others simply do not understand her colour of heat. She is ready to live complete in mortal loneliness if it means her soul remains fed because she knows that a starved soul is the kind of thing that can kill you every day over and over even while you lay surrounded by the acceptance of everybody but yourself.

4. She's tried the whole be a pretty girl and keep everything in place thing but she'd really rather just be comfortable and happy in her own skin, living life to the fullest, laughing big and using time wisely instead of fixing her hair and wearing heels all the time which, she can in fact do and do well too. Everybody else thinking she is a mess be damned, she'd rather be a happy mess than an uncomfortable one.

5. She demands what she wants when she feels like she has earned it, throwing socially accepted rules to the wind. Stare if you want but she's getting her due.

6. She knows that she is a work in progress, finding the steps in the dark.

7.  She she is a fighter. She knows that the strength that has longevity is the strength found in standing up again, not in the strength lost in a fall.

7. She aint your halla back girl.

8. She gives zero craps about your expectations of who she should be, what she should like or look like to be loved. She knows that she is different and she's okay with not fitting the mould  because she's got plans for all this awesome that she is and she's not going to let what you think she should do decide what she actually does. She will not be made small by your boundaries.

9. She knows that love is beautiful and is meant not to complete you but to stand beside you and help you shine brighter and sour closer to a sky that is wide enough to hold the splender of more than one..

1.0. She loves her self, hot messy parts and all, with no apology because she knows that her level of unique awesome can never be stolen or bootlegged or worked like she can work it. She knows that her soul is a valuable commodity and only she can open the door and use up that treasure baby. Be jealous.

11. She's no hero. She's just a girl, living life, loving her self, loving her people, trying to be brave and trying to dance off the monsters.

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Peace. Love. Shine.

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