Monday, 3 June 2013

Musing :: Mind : Any Port For A Storm

That title is a saying we have here, usually it refers to desperation, how humans, like ships when in dismay are desperate and will head for any available port when they find themselves in the midst of a storm

Very recently one of my friends celebrated her birthday (well honestly 3/4 of them did all these May babies!!) Anyway, i wasn't able to celebrate her awesomeness on THE day since this particular friend was a foodie....

Let Them Have Cake! (its crazy how pleased she is about that cake!)

Afterwards we spent our time sitting/laying around on a near by dock watching the caribbean sun set in the midst of the capital city of my island. I was quiet, still enough to notice how conversations have evolved over the years, how much I've grown not only to appreciate the people in my life but understand them better and how they have been able to better understand me.

 Friendship is amazing like that isn't it? Often it starts of as 'any port for a storm' your hands are flinging about crazily in a situation you feel is going to drown you and reach out...and you trust someone. Then if you're really lucky, the years that follow either show you you trusted the right ones or the wrong ones. Friendship and even self actualization is not a port for any storm but when you find a port in those situations, you're hoping to make that port stop a home somehow...It's that port you hope will leave the light on for you, the one with the tall, strong lighthouse you're so used to in the daytime you forget it's there...almost...but not quite.

It's so important to be unselfish in that equation. Its so easy to say that we love someone yet relate everything they do to how it makes me feel, what i want them to do, how I want them to react. How easy it is to forget that the truest love seeks instead to give rather than receive, causes our thinking to sway instead towards notions such as: how are they feeling now, how are their dreams and desires influenced by my actions, how do they benefit from my presence...

As i sat there, watching the sun go down, i remembered another conversation with another of my gal pals and consequently my mother, how we are such a sum of our experiences, good and bad, i felt so blessed, like a champion looking down over a new land called 'future' that has not been explored yet...excited because the previous travels have brought so many laughs, so many unfix-able pains and unending days...Yet here i was, sitting there, watching the dusk creep in over the water, watching another day come to and end, whispering its tempting promise as they often do. 'Tomorrow...' the day says to me 'Tomorrow anything can happen'

I guess these are the musings birthdays inspire in me lol

Off to get started on that summer school assignment...


  1. What a lovely commentary <3


  2. Yes, this is exactly what I'm talking about! How interesting that you had already written this post. :) I agree, it's so important to think about the other person's feelings and what we can do for them -- at the same time, it's not good to completely forget about ourselves. This is what I've been struggling with -- finding a balance between the two. I think this is especially important in romantic relationships... it's not healthy to give and give and give if the other person treats you badly. Love is a two-way street. I think this is something I'll always be trying to get better at. Thank you for submitting your post!

  3. Thanks for the chance to do so :) Up till now i still struggle to find that balance, to love freely like the heart is made to as so very much wants to through expression but at the same time guard the heart against those who use love as a vulnerability both intentionally and unintentionally...

    Crazy life we lead with such infinite feels pushing against a finite state of existence...


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