Thursday, 3 March 2016

Musing :: Mind : The Simple Happy Place + World Book Day 2016

There is something about a place that is quite simply happy. It differs according to personality. For some that simple happy is found on a deserted road, in the early hours of the morning when the air is still so chilled it wakes you up more and more with every breath, as you take your morning run. For some it is in the arms of a child learning to read two syllable words before bed as you listen to them read you a story. Book stores are just one of these simple happy occurrences for me.

Why are simple happies so hard to remember?

I sat outside a book store the other day and just breathed. The closest display to where I sat housed the new releases and my heart just swells knowing that humanity still reads and writes and loves literature.

I am glad it is not a lost art form. Inside that store, on those shelves sit characters that have changed my life. Who have taught me to love, to forgive, to be meditative, to be aggressive and to be learned. I'll never forget that but more importantly, I wont forget the impression they've had on my entire life and what that means for me as a writer and a reader and a teacher.

Happy World Book Day!

These photos were taken at the #ArtandSoulBooks store. use that hashtag on instagram to see what I'm reading lately if you'd like or just wait for me to tell you on here ;)

Where is your simple happy place?

Peace. Love. Happy places.

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