Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Musing :: Style : Behind the Scenes of Brand Photoshoot Kalla Lou

 I recently had the opportunity to shoot with local artist and photograph Susan Mains (in the picture above on the left) for the Brand Kalla Lou. Kalla Lou makes beautiful designed jewellery with recyclable material. The owner, Daniela, (in the picture above on the right) hired me for a photo shoot so showcase her her product on her etsy page. I've not any photos that I can showcase yet until the page goes up but I must say it was a beautiful day, spent with beautiful boss ladies that inspired me with every second I spend with them. Also showcased above is my floral dress designed my local designer Cleopatrice Andrews, perfect spring feel yes? What else do you where to a garden? haha

This house, called The Tower has a story in it and I'm fixin' to write it down!

Credit for that photo with the puppy goes to Susan Mains. His name is Mischief and he comes from a long line of mischief. He's so short and cute and wobbly when he walks!

I loved the collaboration and I cant wait to show you the product of our hard work!

Peace. Love. Hard Work.

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