Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Musing :: Style : Play Time!

Skirt by modcloth

I spent ALL of my weekend at the end of February reading and working hard so I could go to a play. Struggle by Francis U. Peters. It's my idea of BIG fun as a literature enthusiast. I packed so much work into that weekend I honestly barely remember it as days, it just seems like a series of readings to me now.

Balancing work and play is all the more difficult when it takes you longer to work than most. By the time I was through with my assignments, running out the door with my accessories in my hand to be adorned in the car, I began to wonder if it was worth it at all.

It's easy to loose yourself under the weight of responsibility. Growing changes a person and hopefully for the better but sometimes, all the learning makes you forget some of the good parts of yourself too. The parts that are foundational. We have to protect those parts because as you grow they are really fragile. They could be easily broken, lost under books and essays and ways to do them better and before you know might not remember how to do them at all.

I'm really glad I went running to that play.

It's always hard to figure what to wear to a play but my golden rule is better over dressed than under.

The play ran for two days in the capital. I went on the last night, as opposed to the first, which is what I usually do. I'll likely be writing my thoughts on the show a little later, likely next week after it plays on the other side of the island.

Meanwhile, it's back to work for me on the road to graduation!

Peace. Love. Commitment.
I totally had more photos of this event but lost them all due to a phone crash


  1. 1. Your totally make the outfit! What beautiful color!
    2. There are self-summarizing qualities to your 3rd paragraph. I found I could relate on so many levels. Protecting fragile parts of our personality without getting completely swallowed up.
    3. You write as a writer. It's almost as if you're a novelist or something. ;)

  2. Thank you! I've been boldly facing my colour aversion these days :) I do love how life lessons can be so applicable to different circumstances! Write like a novelist, whuuuuuuuut, what are the odds ;D

  3. You *know* I'm going to ask you to expand on these ideas, don't you, for my 'Contentment' series? (They're such important ideas.....but only if you have the time...)....Helen xxx

    1. Never too busy to write for ya my friend :) also, thanks, live this outfit so much :D

  4. P.S. Your outfit is *fab*!!!!!!!


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