Thursday, 24 December 2015

Dear Mr. Santa Clause Sir

Salutations and warm nights!

By my estimation I've been rather good this 2015; I didn't let the monster get my goose, I was goal oriented and I read my bible lots. Therefore it is with a spotless heart I am writing you this letter.

Please may I have all the illnesses raging my loved one to disappear, you know the ones. Please may I have my loved ones live long healthy happy lives. Please may I have the strong will to not drop out of school due to sheer frustration. Please may I have a bottle or twenty of my favourite wine, I promise not to drink them all at once.

Also, please keep the wonders of the world standing and unbombed so that I might still see them when I can afford to travel.

p.s. I've also cc this letter to God, not that I don't believe in you are anything but you know...just in case.

Thanks a lot
A very good lady.

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