Monday, 14 December 2015

Adulting Christmas

When I was a child Christmas did not mean much to me. So much has changed since then. It has never meant Santa Clause, gifts under the tree, mistletoe or white Christmases. It meant lounging on a holiday and being little moved by the goings-on

Time has morphed that into something very special in my adult life.

It now means sending Christmas cards, special shopping dates with people I haven't seen all year, culturally appreciation by way of seasonal food, spending time with mumzie and even a special outfit for a special house visit.

I'm even doing some decorating this year, minimal though that might be.

Though I've yet to find the perfect tree having a tree and decorations now mean something I have created in a moment in time. It means living in an extremely potent scene of appreciation for the love I have for life and the people in my life.

It is a tangible reminder that I am well and employed and can now cheer my friends on with things that they love and secrets we have shared through out the year via presents!

I am a Christian and for me, though my denomination does not celebrate (it may shock you to know that many denominations of Christianity do not) I do personally. I am reminded around this time of year even more than usual that I should be thanking God for His gift of salvation every day. I often do but never enough as I'd like to and so during Christmas season, when I hear Christmas carols everywhere and see the nativity scene all over town my heart squeezes a little tightly a little more often in gratitude.

Christmas as an adult is very different to Christmas as a child.

Time is no longer spent wishing after the gifts on television but rejoicing in the gift giving process and being extremely thankful that I am of the economical means to give gifts, small as they might be. It means treasuring the parts of my culture that are threatened by extinction and holding them close to my chest and my memory. It means understanding the meaning behind symbolism and accepting that I support which one I choose by choice.

It means an expression of self, my money, my choices, my beliefs my culture. My friends, their gift of love, joy, laughter and attention. It also means my saviour. Though everything always means my savour in my heart.

 What is Christmas like for you as an adult?

Peace. Love. Celebrate the good.

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