Wednesday, 3 August 2016

5 Things University Taught Me (About Me)

Photo taken in May 2011 when I first received my acceptance letter to UNI

1. I am much more driven than I thought.
 There were times I thought it was the end for me. it wasn't. 

2. My dreams are mine I'm sure of it.
 This degree has been what I've wanted since I first read the name of it in a magazine. I know what I want. I know that I know what I want because I enjoyed it too much. When my teachers were caught up in grades I was caught up in 'but that LITERATURE though!'

3. His strength is made perfect in my suffering,
   Yet though he slay me I WILL praise Him. Blessed is she who has believed.

4. My friends are more amazing than I knew.
  One semester a friend read my textbook for me when I couldn't because I had eye strain. One semester someone else recorded my notes for me because I had eye strain. One semester I failed and someone listened to me b*tch for quite a lengthy amount of time. One semester someone listened to me and helped me talk about school work so my auditory learner brain could function. One semester a friend listened to me read my notes allowed so I could remember it better even though she really wanted to go to bed. I saw who would follow their words with actions and not complaints.

5. I will sacrifice for it without doubt.
  That one is so harsh but it is so true. I know what I want and because I know what I want I am willing to sacrifice time. Over the past four years I missed things, big things, things that allowed me to become disconnected with the people I love. Scarily though, I love this more than a momentary connection. This love has been with me all of my life and if I have to choose between moments and it, I will cry as I walk away but I will choose it. Of course, easier to say because I don't have much in the way of the materials like husband, children and house yet.

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