Friday, 1 April 2016

Dear Love

I power puffed myself because yes

Dear Love 

I feel like I need to start this off with an apology. Nobody has ever gotten far, if you ask me, when speaking on behalf of the entire human race but I'm still going to give it a go. So, let's consider this symbolic and we'll start of slow...

I'm sorry that we keep trying to capture you, cage you, put you in a box and reshape you into the completely separate and different pictures in our heads. Demanding that you sink yourself into the space we've made for you in our beds, in our arms and in our hearts. Determined to make wild fires out of flickering sparks. Attaching navigational systems, to arrows and waiting for the bullseye target wins and banging tins on string because we refuse a miss in favour of a misses, shoving aside hugs for kisses because bliss is what we decide to say it is this decade.

May we never succeed at making you small enough to comprehend.

At making you smaller than you actually are. No matter how desperately we barter with the powers at play, I pray, that you remain as large as the universe and as beautiful and mystical as every star that pokes holes in it. May you burn as bright and hot as they do. 

Just as finger tips reach up and try to grasp hold of clouds let us too reach for clarity  when it comes to you because you are too brilliant to take in  all at once and at a glance.

A Girl Who Has Been Loved by You

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