Wednesday, 27 April 2016

31 Things i've Learned So Far While Living On Earth

01.| Smiling and crying are two sides of the same coin and can happen in a flip of said coin.

02.| Surround yourselves with people who smile big and laugh loud, they know what's up.

03.| Follow your dreams, just do. It doesn't matter what people think they don't have to follow them, they don't have to run after them or believe in them, go. You probably already know what you want.

04.| Listen to your heart but don't let it do your brains job, that's not what it's for.
05.| Don't tell everyone everything. They don't care and if they're not rejoicing with you in the pursuit of your happiness, you should probably stop talking because they are probably too busy with their own stuff to care about your stuff.

06.| Adulting is hard but it has it's perks like liquor if you want and the free will to middle finger it if you don't want. (Don't do that though it's rude to hold your middle finger up at people) You can want what you want!.

07.| You are totally and absolutely allowed to change your mind and your opinion on things.

08.| You don't need a barrel full of friends, a handful will do, resist the urge to be greedy in a greedy world. Love the people who love you back, be kind to the people who like you and keep giving the haters something to get wrinkles over, by being awesome, obviously.

09.| Believe what you want, I have been given lots of flack for being Christian but you know? I love God, I love Jesus and I love what they do for my life and I don't care what other people think about that because they don't have to do it. I believe they should but I don't force anyone to and I'm not going to let anyone force me into anything else. I'm a free human being with an independent will remember? didn't you read the Jane Eyre?!

10.| It was all meant to be beautiful, all of it; people, earth, love, loss, work but pride messed it all up really early in the game. Which is not to say, the beauty went away...we just stopped noticing it. Open your eyes and see the beauty of it all. It's the most daring thing you'll ever do.

11.| Find out what your strengths are and werq baby werk to keep them that way .'Work hard, know your ish, show your ish and feel entitled.' Mindie Kailing

12.| Find out what your weaknesses are and shape them into strengths like The Potter's hands do will pottery!

13.| Be your own trophy wife, both intellectual and lush.

14.| Win from the inside because when you really win, you win whether they give you the trophy are not, greatness is greatness and it shows. Give yourself the trophy that you made first then go get what's yours, it will meet you along the road sometimes halfway sometimes a quarter who knows but greatness is greatness.

15.| Everybody's opinion is a suggestion. Most don't know it's an opinion yet, they will be convinced it's a fact and try to convince you of the same thing. They'll tell you stuff like boys and girls can't be just friends or that you're too young to get married or that you'll regret not having kids someday or that you shouldn't be an artist you should be like..a doctor or a lawyer cause that's guaranteed money or whatever. They might say that you shouldn't dye your hair or that your problems will be exactly solved if you do exactly as they say or who knows what else but the secret is its just a suggestion. Or as  Amy Poehler suggests in response 'Good for you, not for me.' Smile and nod; people like to feel right, feeling right feels great after all but when you walk away remember that their proposed solution is just a suggestion, YOU control the direction of your ship.

16.| Children are awesome and they know what's up. That's probably why so many people hate them because children are pure, unadulterated truth. They are extremely hard to manipulate because they see what they want and just go for it, they jump wildly and laugh loudly and are hard to manipulate because they don't want to be sarcastic or not genuine yet, they want to be real. As real as we can get as humans probably. They are what we were meant to be which is probably why 'Jesus said let the children come onto me.' (Matthew 19:14) I digress, they know what's up.

17.| Once you figure out what your support system is, art, painting, drama or whatever, don't let guilt cause you to resist it when your sad, it's a life saver not an anchor to drag you down deeper when drowning.

18.| Life is not fair but nobody promised you fairness. Justice does exists though, it is potent and handed down from on high. The Bard's words too who says  "some rise by sin and some by virtue fall' (Measure for Measure) and hey that may be out of context but I find it rather  appropriate here.

19.| Oh my goodness SLEEP IS AWESOME!

20.| People are never just one thing or the other.

21.| Everything you do, every interaction you have with the people you interact with is shaping their lives somehow. They will remember even if you don't. Do your very best to be the very best version of yourself, greatness is greatness.

22.| Don't try to love people the way you need to be loved in hopes that they will catch on , return the favour and you'll live happily ever after. Love people the way they want to be loved, if you listen they're usually screaming it at you anyway so you wont have to try too hard to figure it out. Then as with the nature of love, generosity, they will likely listen harder to what you need even if it's not what they need themselves.

23.| Do not cast a wide net of judgement over the world, everybody is different so everybody thinks differently and reacts differently to similar situations. I know you'll want to believe that because your last boyfriend/girlfriend was cheating on you when he became silent and didn't want to spend every single weekend together any more when you were sixteen but this person you have at twenty-six might just be an introvert and want to read a book or plan your engagement party or sleep more or whatever the point is, people forget this because the net they cast in often invisible to them.

24.| You know sometimes people aren't looking for a solution giving God in you. Sometimes, they just want you to listen and say yeah that sucks and ugh what a jerk.

25.| Nothing is ever going to stay the exact same way forever...and that's scary but it's also a really good thing! In fact, it is the essence of possibility.

26.| 'If you got it, flaunt it. If you don't got it? Flaunt it.' - (Minie kaling) Different is beautiful, different is valuable, work that thing.

27.| 'Sometimes you've got to breathe life into them bones you've been carrying around and turn what you got into what you've got in mind.' ( J.D. Jakes)

28.|'Confidence, you have to be brave and you have to work at it and earn it. It doesn't fall out of the sky, you're not born with it. You work at it, you fake it till you make it or rather till you believe it.

29.| Where clothes that deserve you.

30.|'I'm a soldier in are army of the Lord. If I die let me die in the army of the Lord!' (hymn: I'm a soldier in the army of the Lord)

31.| Them winning is not you loosing. Don't let them convince you of otherwise because you winning might feel like them loosing and that's really freaky and makes them want to stop the world, you included and catch up, don't let them stop you along side your world. Spin on your own axis.

I thought about making my birthday recap post today but then I realised I really have no interest in rushing it, especially in the face of all the finals prep I've got going on so here we are with this one!

31 things, one for every day of a typical month! Feel free to use them as prompts if you'd like for your own writing. Meanwhile, I may be going on a bit of hiatus as in last week when this post was supposed to go up (oops) and next. Depending on how finals go. See you soon!

What life lessons so far have you learned?

Peace. Love. Happy Earth Day!! (which is April 23rd btw)


  1. OMG, these are sooo good. Very great insights and reminders. Love it.

  2. Sleep is awesome! Great post Liz :)


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