Thursday, 2 May 2013

~ // ENTER MY SPRING GIVEAWAY // ~ :: FREE Conscious Box Full of Goodies!!!

Hey everyone. I am over the moon happy to bring you this giveaway, partnering with the company that makes these cool Conscious Box. I got so excited when i came into contact with them because taking care of our earth and healthy natural living is a lifestyle i really do support. One of my best friends is vegetarian and i always marvel at the awesome dishes she is able to invent and conjure up, in fact I'm an odd girl in that though i like meat, i love salads and other natural foods, which is good as i live on an island and there is plenty of that!

Aside from vegetarianism, though i think it is so important to take care of ourselves and maximize our intake of the natural. In a world surrounded with such negative energies, why not place ourselves among goodness, around us and inside of us, body as well as spirit?

Now i get to bring to you awesome readers that i love and appreciate, the free opportunity to try a host of natural products we all may not have been introduced to outside of this great collaboration! I have not yet tried Conscious Box myself but I'm impressed by the companies willingness to put a spin on the current trend of subscription boxes, mailed straight to your home free of all charges, by making a step towards inspiring a better life through healthier living, as they are:

U.S Participants only this time ( so sorry! :( )

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Mothers day is just around the corner too so what better way to gift someone who shares with us such a natural love than this! Don't be shy, tell a friend! I wanna see this baby won, received and loved! Let's give this good gift a home!

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  1. What a fun product !



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