Friday, 3 May 2013

Musing :: NOTD : Black Nail Polish

When i was younger i went through a stage where all i wore was black nail polish, sure i was fascinated by goth culture and yes my personal style is preferred with some punk to it but that was not the only reason at all...  The fact of the matter is i realized with my light skin the darker colours looked exquisite on me! (in my opinion) and my experience with black nail polish was my gateway into that realization. Plus, come on, how classy is black ware?!

  It was one of my first instances openly breaking social boundaries as well. For some reason people are of the opinion that black polish and a liking for going all black wardrobe wise and the like represents evil and witch craft, at least where i am from. I got a lot of heat for it form the illiterate to the intellectual...

At which point i made it my duty to engage these people in conversation about why they thought this way. There excuses were flimsy and sad honestly and were a long the lines that 'because black it represents darkness and gloom and dirt!' at which point i would often take the moment to point out to these people that they are categorized under the 'black' race or at least shared the earth with people who do. I was then greeted with shock and surprise that i could see a connections between the negative mentality between the colour black and the perception they held towards anything that held it's likeness whether that was self or style.

Isn't it funny how we can stand behind something the origin of which we do not understand, hating it and condemning all others for not following sooth?

I love the shade black, one it complements me and two it stands as a constant reminder that perception decides meaning. This shade by L.A. Girl is my favorite, look how shiny it is!! That's not white streak that's just shine! Wore this look to a funeral this week, my little way of saying that even in this dark moment, may the reflections of her light continue to shine in us.

R.I.P you wonderful wonderful woman, I don't know when i will truly believe that you are to be welcomed into the arms of our loving heavenly Father whom you well served

Peace. Love. Positive Perceptions

Enter my GIVEAWAY!.


  1. I have never worn black nail polish but it can look fab. It looks lovely on your nails but I think cos I am so girly I just cannot imagine me wearing black polish x

  2. i love black nail polish!

  3. Black nail polish is very "in", and I think it looks very sleek and sophisticated. I would wear it more often if I could. I can't in uniform though! -Jess L


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