Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Musing :: NO(back in)TD : Vintage Nailpolish - Sally Hansen Teflon Tuff Nail Color - Envious Frost and...

Haven't talked about nail polish in a while. I was thinking about that old favorite bottle I had that was broken and that I found in my room that time.

Since I found that one why not track down another of my old favorites?

Problem was this bottle wasn't broken but scratched up, labels almost scratched off and old polish stains covering here and there and everywhere.

Well with the help of my awesome magnifier I was able to make out enough letters to address the all mighty google search.

It brought me to the realization that old Sally Hansen shades were AWESOME!

It would seem they had a frost line since both old shades I've mentioned so far are labeled with a frost tag at the end of their name. :)

It also brought me to find out that their old formula, like many of the past were carcinogenic which lead to the dumping of the old formula and the revamping of the brand sans those old favorites...

Still...it's nice to remember them in their olden day glory before we knew they could give us cancer too.

Honestly I do not own any green shades of polish except my raggedy old almost finished bottle of Envious Frost :( but I've honestly never seen another green shade that appeals to me like this one :(
Oh how it would shimmer and shine and stay on for looooooong expanses of time!

Oh what a long way we've all come since then! I even found this amazing thing this week. It truly shocked me as this poor lil country o'mine rarely has anything of this nature but LO AND BEHOLD!

Who would have thought?! A dotting tool! I know that ideally different sizes would be nice but for me one little lucky find like this makes my month!!! I've been looking for these forever!

I'm afraid of my lack of skill with the brushes but OH WELL!!! We shall see what surprises they bring!

It's funny, I happen to root in my heart an affirmation I heard on the radio as I traveled about today, I shall share it with you he said 'I am going to create a great day'

Poof! Dotting tool! Coincidence!? Honestly who knows...


What about you? Got any good old nail polish throw backs? Any completely fantastic completely comPLETELY unexpected finds?!

Do tell!

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