Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Musing :: Style : Mad Men - THE dress

For this week's Things I love Thursday
Well by now you know how i feel about vintage fashion by now!
This week one of my favorite shows returned
Mad Men is back!
A show with writing so good i EAST IT UP!
that's what gets me first and foremost!
Just to make matters even more delicious?
It is positively crowing with vintage fashion!

So, take a little peep at these Mad Women :D!

The knew vixen in town boy oh boy as a character she has proven her self to be SO much more than 'just a skirt' surprising us all!

THE dress in the season primer!
Do you know when the design team found the initial vintage dress the sleeve was dead and they had to redo it from scratch?!
I'm so in love with this dress i just may buy it! Well...Or it's closest likeness....

Plot praise: much in this picture if you're a fan of the show ;) Inducing my favorite and second favorite character.

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