Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Drumming and Cultural Dance at the Grenada National Museum

I finished my first midterm on Friday and proceeded along one of the loveliest walks on the island; along the carenage. It was my favourite weather too; seriously overcast with not one drip of rain littering the grounds of the city. I lingered along the statue that always calls to me. (I even have a poem about it but that's another story entirely i suppose! )

Word in my email on the artistsy grape vine was that there would be a drumming and poetry event this Friday. In my sullen mood i decided why NOT pay a visit? Sat for a while about the tables of the Museum Bistro.

The menu was blank so i figured nothing was ready yet. After much waiting and hunger i decided to forget it and leave for Fast Food Chicken.
On my way out i past a poster advertising the even i was actually there to see, it was past starting time and i was annoyed but seeing the poster awoke the curiosity in me again.

So hungry, tired and intrigued back i went. I decided to man up and just ask what was on the menu this time. It was not the usual Chief but there was a lovely burrito, fries and salad combo that i forgot to take a picture of in my hunger but you'll live I'm sure.

Got comfortable under the cool vine decorations up along the wall of the bistro and began to endure my long wait for food...I thrilled myself by watching the refreshments get under way.

Too bad i don't like the taste of the stuff. :p

There set up was pretty though and only fuelled my intrigue...

Finally the night was under way! These lovely ladies started us off and i got the treat of watching some cultural folk songs preformed in the olden way. National Colours for the win? Did you notice?

This dance was by far my favorite! I even scored some video (phone quality sorry)

I know it's blurry but look how fast she is moving! Look at the way she masters all those folds of cloth around her! It's SO beautiful! I felt so privileged as i sat there watching. Knowing that hundreds of years ago, in a small room somewhere, slaves were dancing away their fear, their sorrow, their confusion....and that today, the ancestors of said slaves, were in a National Museum. Doing The Same Thing...Dancing the same dance....happy for different reasons...


The host for the night and his son, drumming on self made sheep skin drums, singing folk music that i barely remembered but some how knew the words to (well at least one)

This little girl was very brave and went up to sing an Adelle song.

Some of the cast coming out for their final bow. Almost happier to preform it than we were to see it! Almost!

How can one start to appreciate anything if you don't appreciate where you come from? I'm not asking anyone to listen to soca or reggae or calypso all day.

I'm just saying remember, it's important to embrace all that makes you you. The things you hold near that belong to someone else? Eventually all get ripped away....all you're left with is what you were given...that which is yours.
I appreciate and adore SO MANY cultures. I'm not about to reject all aspects of my own. I do not LIKE all aspects of my own but who ever does? ;)
I do make sure not to throw the cultural baby out with the bath water though.

To not claim we do not know what our culture is and only cling to foreign ones and then be one of those people who ONLY does the same.
Nothing is all bad and nothing is all good.

I admit and accept that and believe it to be true about my own culture.
I hope, that wherever and whatever it is that you are coming can say the same.

I once read that 'Too many people over value what they're not and under value what they are.' Does that sound like you?

Peace. Love. Soul.

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