Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Wordy Phoenix performs on International Womens Day Radio Program

I had a very interesting few days :)

In case you didn't know the 8th of March is designated as International Women's Day. In that regard, a new found friend asked me to aid her in the radio recording of a...sort of poetic public service announcement if you will, centred around International Women's' Day

So I did make it to meet her at one of the local radio stations, despite the persistent down pour of cats and dogs. She wiped out her equipment and we got down to business!

Got a bit carried away thought and before we knew it me and my so called umbrella and her and her lack there of were imprisoned by the down pour!
Luckily what she did have was a brave voice with which to yell out a random stranger and hitch an umbrella ride to the bus stop. :D

Then on another night it was off to Jazz and Poetry Night at the National Museum!

That day we said our temporary good byes to one of the regulars (guy on the drums) as he and his wife will be travelling for a lengthier time than is usual.

This is the precious little girl who when asked 'What do you think love is?' got up on stage and answered 'Um..love? Is something, that you give away...and um...um it comes right back to you'

And this is a terrifying but extremely satisfying vantage point!

Taken at the end of the night when the audience have left, the lighting is boring and the chairs have almost all been moved away of cours bus tstill...that stage though. Ah! Artistic wonderfulness! :D

Wanna hear my voice on the radio? Tune in to this program in the month of March!

I shall update this post after the program airs.

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