Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Musing :: Mind : Blast From The Past

So I've been doing a lot of cleaning in my room every chance a get. I'm one of those people who actually loves to clean but my sinuses are so bad it's advises against (figures)
Well while doing the little I could I ended up finding these little nostalgic treasures lol

An old tackie belt buckle with my initials on it I had made when I was a kid upon vacation to the US :p

I'm a compulsive 'back it up' writer and found a back up of the first three chapters of one of my earlier novels on Floppy Disk, now I know what you're thinking.......what's a FLOPPY DISK!? Lol I've been backing up my writing since before I could afford CDs! This amuses me. :)

Holy moly what's THAT thing now? A CD player!??? What is this 1999?! LOL!

And finally the first nail polish I came to know and love. Back when i was 16 going on 17 I finally found a polish I thought actually looked good with my complex (I never enjoyed the stuff that was 'cool' at the time and that all my friends were wearing, never thought it looked good with on me)
Until i found this dark, wine red colour. It was bold, different and daring (much like the very age of 16) One day however I dropped it and it broke, I was very sad, I used to wear it so much and I went around for years not wearing polish cause I felt else nothing looked good (ah youth!)

Point is, I loved it so much I even stupidly saved the broken bottle!
Today I'm glad I did because I have such things as magnifiers (for actually seeing the name of the polish I loved so much) and the Internet (for looking it up) and ladies and gentlemen I give you....

Momentum Frost

By Sally Hensen
(This picture makes it look black/brown but i promise it's much more burgundy/wine red)

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