Thursday, 22 September 2011

Musing :: NOTD : Those are some Pretty Idle Hands you've got there! - Nail;polish Haul

I've never really had nail polish 'of my own' For many years my mom and I have survived on bottles decades old accumulated over the years.

On vacation ones eye might stray to a three for a dollar deal (it was a loooooooong time ago) and say 'okay I guess we can spare a dollar' since a dollar that is three in our country while on vacation was pretty hard to spend on nail polish.

Then we pretty much stopped buying and were just 'surviving' on our little stash. My ma likes getting her nails done every now and again.

quick lookie see at my mom's (NATURAL) nails

Then my interest peeked right around the time I came into some birthday money :D Long story short:

TADA my little 'nail polish collection' I played about a lot with these coming down to the end of summer.

Granted the Quirus Colours are part of the long standing stash but as i mentioned them in this post but you get the idea.

I thought that since I'm suddenly so busy with school, why not show case the result of my experimentation a little at a time?

I do after all recognize this is a very girlie thing but I've never been very girlie and am just discovering and coming slowly into my inner girl with such things as nail polish and dresses.

I think it's very important to like every part of who you are, the cute and the quirky and I haven't really lived up to that as much as I should.

I'm so comfortable making fun of the superficial I let myself feel guilty when I actually LIKED things I considered superficial even though I liked them in a genuine unsuperficial way.

I.e. 'eeeeew you're so girlie, lame and attention loving what with your stupid heels and lipstick and dress' and let's face it, some girls are just lame and looking for attention when they do that. Then there are the others who love their body and the way heels essential their legs, how freeing and feminine a dress feels, how fun it is to try new lip colours for different occasions., like your body is a palette!

Nothin to make fun of there.

My thing is, do it for you, set your own standard for beauty, don't search for it in the eyes of others. So when I saw people doing this it ticked me off so much! I hate lack of confidence, anything superficial especially people and I made fun of it and anything that people used to embody it in an effort to jeer people out of their stupidity slum.

The fact remains however that not every one is like that, no use refusing to wear dresses or pink because people use them for evil :p That in it self is pretty hypocritical now isn't it?

So now...ever so slowly...I'm teaching myself to be ok with that side of myself as well, that the act of being girlie is not wrong, the act of doing so for the wrong reasons is.

As is the case with most things :) #SheWhatIDidThere?

No use throwing the baby out with the bath water people, it really is okay to love what you love as long as you really love it ;) Whether that be Linkin Park alternative rock music (YES YES YES) or (My little Ponies (ALSO yes) or Mortal Combat fighting games (PLEASE yes!) or summer dresses (mmMMmm yes!) No rules say the tough independent modern girl can't like pink. (and if they dare say it call me i'll punch them in the teeth with rock CDs while wearing my spiked dog collar and pink evening dress)

I for one as an artist love nail polish, sounds corny but it's true, mixing colours and experimenting with nail art.

I love dresses because...well it's so damn easy! LOL!

Practice what you preach!
Don't say 'Its Okay To Be Who You Are' and then live by
'except for the parts your not yet so comfortable with' lol

Shall i continue to share my nail art endeavors with you?

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