Saturday, 18 March 2017

My Word of 2017 || #TrustTheProcess

Last year I knew my word of 2016 pretty early in the game, it came at me like a whisper on a wind. This year with my impatient self I looked for my word of 2017 sneakily around every corner. I didn't want to let go of Victory, we had become so close! It had been so very good to me. I didn't want to short change myself either by holding onto feelings that need to be let go.

Eventually I had to calm myself down, you can't trick God after all. I wasn't fooling anybody trying to sneak a look around the corner and into the future.  So I had to constantly be mindful of my impatience, quiet my mind and let my word come to me.

It was not an easy thing to do. Before I knew it December was already almost gone and I still wasn't sure. I began to have conflicting feelings about two words. One I wanted to believe was mine and one I was feeling prodded by but didn't understand why it would expect me to trust it.

Let me explain.

On my road with Victory in 2016 I felt like that other word was journeying with us, I brazenly would venture to say I mastered that other bit already in the only way I could imagine that other word was asking me to use it. So, i decided to do my own thing I suspect, deep in my heart. I figured the other word that i felt I wanted to go with understood me better and where I wanted to go moving forward.

I was in the middle of a tweet in early Janurary, thinking back on the events of the day and how they had enlightened me when one of the suggested hashtags was #TrustTheProcess and I swear it hit me like a ton of bricks.

I would have sworn Trust was asking me to Trust God and I just couldn't understand why after the triumph of running with Victory all throughout 2016. To be honest I was almost insulted, I felt like I learned to dispense some remarkable doses of trust in the face of adversity, being unsure and doubt (read more of that here) so of course I sought out my dictionary to see what on earth I could be missing.

It wasn't till I was in the middle of that tweet though that I got it. I was being too small minded, I wasn't being asked to simply trust God, it was so much more whole of a thing. I was being asked to trust the process, to trust that everything is working together for my good. It is not just enough to know that I know what I am doing but I must Trust that I know what I am doing. I must Trust my ability to be great even while I am already being great. I must pour that faith, after pouring it into my God, back into myself. Trust that everything has led to this, Trust that He orders my steps, Trust that I must make these steps in bold confident strides.

I am tempted to say here we go again because just as I began with Victory I know this will not be a smooth go of things. I have some intimidating big decisions to make this year, decisions that are not going to get smaller as I get older. However I have also been granted an extraordinary sense of calm with this word. A calm I also must trust is real and not just the eye of the storm haha

It's gonna be a big year 2017! Ready for the jump off?! Too bad because it's already a quarter of the way behind us. Can you believe it's taken me a quarter of the year to share this word with you?

Lean with it, rock with it, Trust fall into it!  #TrustTheProcess What's your word of 2017?

Ready. Set. Jump!


  1. Trust is a great word to be mindful of this year. I had to check through my instagram to find what my word was because trust me it changes every month lol. It started off as being "ENOUGH". Knowing that I am enough is important.

  2. That's a fantastic word! I think having a word that changes as your months change isn't so bad at all, as long as it lends itself to authenticity I think it's well worth he practice same strength :)

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Oh boy now you have gone and done it! A big word like that doesn't let you get by with just a little of it or just a token wink and a smile. It will demand everything, then when you think you have given everything, a little bit more. But oh the process and growth that will ensue. Can't wait to hear the details. Onward forward 2017.

  4. Susan! You speak so much truth! preasure haha oi this word indeed demands so much of me 0.0 Lets see what it brings with it :) Onward! Thanks for stopping by <3

  5. Trust is a great word. I really like that! Your relationship with it is already amazing I can tell. Trust in yourself is key for all growth. Trusting yourself means that you are empowered and an empowered person is hard to keep down.

    I don't have a word per se. I have a phrase "Find what feels good" which I wrote about in 2016 recap (I know you read it already). As a gemini I have the tendency to think a lot and sometimes neglect the power of my FEELINGS. A friend of mine recently said logic is masculine but a woman's power is in her intuition. This year I will follow what feels good and stay clear of anything that does not sit well with me.

  6. Thank you! I didn't you bring some interesting perspective to my word, I'm going to give that some thought and be mindful too of how it influences it :)

    Thanks for stopping by! :D


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