Saturday, 11 March 2017

Journey to NOAHCON 2016 :: Country Mouse & The Keycard

The story of my first key card.

So they give me my key card. Which I had no idea how to use at the time for I had never been handed one before then. We get on the elevator, Mike and I, who had proclaimed himself my bodyguard for the duration of my trip.

I'll tell you a secret, being in that elevator felt like the closest thing to going to Disney.  At first when the doors opened every now and again we ran into pilots who clearly were catching a nap before a flight or people who appeared to be ending business trips. Then the doors would open and there they were, people with the whitest hair I've ever seen outside of a mirror. It didn't happen often, maybe openly once or twice because it was still early and most had yet to arrive. There was also a girl with vibrant lavender and pink hair who I tried not to stare at because I have been on the other end of stares. That hair was a deep good breathe though let me tell you.

When we got up to my floor. Mike, who was a few floors ahead of mine had promised to help me make sure I don't embarrass myself. He failed. Our exchange went as follows. Elevator doors open.

Mike: ok this your floor, you can get out, bye.
Me: um... I don't know what to with this? *holds up key card* 
Mike: oh! Sorry I forgot! (then he laughed at me, rude)
Me: ....
Men in elevator give knowing looks 
Mike: no no she really can't get into her room I have to show her!
Men: more knowing looks.
Mike: No really!
 *Elevator doors close*

Well,  I promptly locked myself out the next time I tried to do it. A lovely lady who's grand-family was from the islands helped me a lot though so another crisis averted! When I got in my room at long last I unpacked and shot a room tour for you awesome people, check it out!

Then much to my shock and confusion my hotel room phone rang, that conversation went as follows
Me: Hello???
Mike: hey
Me: MIKE?! How did you get this number???! 
Mike: um....its just the number of your room...
 Me: oh! Waw...
Mike: *insert complaining about stuff like how small his room is cause he think he #baandboushie *
Me: I can't figure out how to charge my phone Wher eare the dang chargin ports?!
Mike:um.....Liz...there are charging ports on all the lamps you know that right?
Me: *checks* OMG! Mike, there are charging ports ON THE LAMP!
Mike: I know. 
Me: That's amazing!
Mike: *unimpressed* I'm going downstairs to explore.
Me: Yes, me too!

To be continued. 

My trip to the NOAH Conference 2016 was made possible by sponsorship from: The Writers Association of Grenada, Kallalou Designs, The Office of the Prime Minister and various good Samaritans who insist upon not being named.

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